Meet the Team

Judd’s wealth of experience comes from a lifetime of working in the business. Besides the finest suits, he’s tailored a customer-first philosophy. Judd says, “It really is all about how you take care of people. We’re in the look-good and feel-good business,” which explains Judd’s many out of town and international clients. He is often jetting off around the country, from New York to California to outfit his customers for success. “Yes, we have extraordinary fabrics that practically melt-in-your-hand, the finest tailored suits, made and personalized just for you, and fair prices, but to me, it’s all about relationships.”

After 64 years in the business, Warren has forgotten more than what most people will ever know about fine apparel. Starting at the tender age of 13, he has seen and done it all. From custom clothing by appointment, to spending 20 years on the road as a sales rep, he has experienced both sides of the business. His well honed, time-tested approach boils down to this: “Give people great service, a great product and fit, and you’ll have a customer for life. They may be able to purchase something similar somewhere else, but you can’t put a price tag on customer service and expertise.” His style is timeless, and with his attention to detail second to none, he can fit all sizes and shapes to make them look their best. He wants every customer to leave saying: “That was a great experience!”

Judd Frost Clothiers wouldn’t run so smooth if it weren’t for the help of our right-hand, Erica. She started out at Judd Frost in 2014, helping to keep the store organized. Her role has since expanded to managing the office and bookkeeping. Erica holds a degree in Fashion and Business Management and helps out on the sales floor when necessary. This girl knows her stuff, so don’t be afraid to stop by and ask a question or two. She really is the lifeline of our operation.

Our talented tailor KR has been with us since 2015. After graduating from tailoring school in Cambodia, she moved to Minnesota in 2010. She really is the best tailor we’ve ever come across. She does all of the alterations for our store and is also happy to take outside alterations, both men and woman’s apparel. If you have any tailoring needs, she’s the best. 

Jessie, Judd’s daughter, got her start at the ripe young age of two when she used to help out her father by picking up push pins off the floor and “tidying” up around Sims Wayzata. When Judd Frost Clothiers opened in 1994, she was a natural fit. In 2008, Jessie pulled double duty at JFC, while re-opening Frost and Budd, a Lake Minnetonka gift shop. Frost and Budd has since closed but Jessie continues to help out at the store. She has taken on a new venture as a Life and Wellness Coach and continues to be as charming as ever.