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When you come in to Judd Frost, we want to be certain that you feel your best when leaving with a new suit. We check and then check again all your measurements. Take photos and spot tiny differences in how your shoulders and hips sit. Believe us, it matters! When standing in front of the mirror in your new suit, you should feel confident and powerful knowing that you can take on the world. Here is how your suit should fit.

SHOULDERS: When trying on a jacket, you are checking to see if it fits in the shoulders. This is one of the few alterations that is too expensive to be worth it! The seam should rest naturally on the shoulder.

LAPELS: Be conscious of the ties you'll be wearing. Lapel width should correspond to tie width. ARMHOLES: If the armholes are too low, the whole suit will move when you stick your arm out. Opt for a modern, less boxy, high armhole.

BUTTONS: If the buttons look like they are pulling or creating an X pattern, the jacket is too small. Pull the bottom of the V straight out. If it comes out more than 2 inches, it's too big.


To avoid a boxy 1980's silhouette, your suit should dart in at the waist. The thinner point should be near the jacket's main button. (top on a 2 button and middle on a 3 button.) SLEEVE LENGTH: The back of the sleeve should meet the bump on the pinky side of the hand and ideally allow 1/2" of shirt cuff to show.

JACKET LENGTH: With your arms resting at your sides, curl the fingers up.The jacket should be resting gently in your hand. The suit jacket should cover most of your pants zipper and all of your rear. PANT LEG:

Suit pants will rarely fit off the rack. They're cut long with the intention to be tailored. Opt for a modern straighter cut that will create a sleek silhouette, instead of a baggy one. PLEATS: Flat Front trousers are typically worn lower on the hip, like a jean and Pleated trousers are meant to be worn on the waist so as not to create a bulge around the hip.


The "break" is the area around where the pant meets the shoe. The pants should have one break at the bottom, and the leg should stop halfway down your shoe. This is know as a "medium break." While a personal preference, shorter is considered to be more fashion forward, and too much break can look ill fitting and baggy.

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